Modelling Electroactive Conjugated Materials at the Multiscale

Project Partners

The European Union Framework 6 project Modecom involves the following groups:

    EU/China partners
  • Alison Walker (Coordinator)
    Physics, University of Bath, UK
    email a.b.walker"at"
  • Zhigang Shuai
    Tsinghua University
    and Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing
    email zgshuai"at"
  • Claudio Zannoni
    Chemistry, University of Bologna, Italy
    e-mail Claudio.Zannoni"at"
  • Neil Greenham
    Optoelectronics Group, University of Cambridge, UK
    e-mail ncg11"at"
  • David Beljonne
    Chemistry of Novel Materials, University of Mons-Hainaut, Belgium
    email David"at"
  • Michael Cass
    Cambridge Display Technology, Cambridge,UK
    tel +44 (0)1954 713600
    fax +44 (0)1954 713621
  • Kurt Stokbro
    tel +45 699 01 888
    fax +45 698 02 801

  • US partners
  • Jean-Luc Brédas
    Chemistry, Georgia Tech, USA
    email jean-luc.bredas"at"
  • Rigoberto Hernandez
    Chemistry, Georgia Tech, USA
  • David Sherrill
    Chemistry, Georgia Tech, USA
  • Ted Goodson
    Chemistry, University of Michigan,USA
    email tgoodson"at"
  • Robert Silbey
    Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,USA
    email silbey"at"
  • Zoltan Soos
    Chemistry, Princeton University, USA
    email soos"at"

    Modecom project officer
    Dr Martyn Chamberlain
    European Commission

Polymer OLEDs can be used to provide light of almost any colour as shown in this CIE (international commission on illumination) chart: image from CDT